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FASCISM DEFINED | The Difference between Fascism and National Socialism

History has been forgotten. Nobody seems to know what ‘Fascism’ actually is, or was, or means. And the word has degenerated into little more than a slur. Today though I’m going to use historical sources to accurately define what Fascism was, place it within the context of history, and explain why there was a difference between Fascism and National Socialism, and what that difference was. I’ll be giving the technical definitions of both Fascism and Nazism, backed by references so you can double-check my work. Sources are listed in the links below. I’m NOT a Fascist, I’m NOT a Nazi, I’m NOT a Marxist, and I’m NOT racist or anything else. I do not support said evil ideologies and I’m not promoting them either. My goal here is to give as accurate an account of history as possible so that we may learn from our mistakes and prevent history from repeating.

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  1. Does this mean Chomsky is what I always guessed he was? An MIT weaponized intelligentsia plant aimed at strengthening the state?

    Also, that I was exactly right in calling the union guys FAGGOTS?

    Mind blown.

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