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Controversy over Critical Race Theory at top NYC Private Schools

For the record, I generally oppose efforts to impose censorship on schools that want to teach critical race theory, just as I would oppose censorship of the teaching of intelligent design, “scientific creationism,” Marxist class theory, intersectionality, or Charles Murray’s theories on the relationship between race, class, and IQ.  I generally think schools should be localized, autonomous institutions that reflect the cultural norms and standards of the teachers, students, parents, community, etc. Does this mean a lot of schools will teach ideas that turn out to be wrong? Of course. But that’s what education is supposed to be, an investigative scientific process in which counter-positions to orthodoxies and dissenting points of view are allowed. However, I also oppose compulsory education laws which would render schools an entirely voluntary institution.

The top NYC Private Schools will produce the corporate oligarchs of tomorrow.

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