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Neoliberalism | US Political Polarization

Neoliberalism is why we’ve become so unequal over the course of this party system. As a result, the US is more divided politically than most of us can remember. I’m a cultural historian, as in I study the cultural significance of historical events, so it pains me to admit this, but the economy has more influence than anything else upon political opinions, so neoliberalism is the most important component of America’s political polarization. characteristics that unify neoliberals which are:

-emphasis of individuality and rejection of groups -market liberalism and fiscal conservatism (which are kinda the same thing)

-privatization of public goods and infrastructure -deregulating any corporations

-austerity measures against welfare -and free trade agreements which allow for more rapid globalization

*errata* 7:00 Hayek was the oldest man ever, lol, but actually born in 1899-1992 (thx Joshua Bell)

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