Police State/Civil Liberties

Over 24 Cops Raided the Wrong Address and Wrecked an Elderly Man’s Home. They All Got Qualified Immunity.

By Billy Binion, Reason

Onree Norris was 78 years old when a swarm of police officers raided his Georgia home without warning in 2018, bombarding the place with two flash-bang grenades, careening through the door with a battering ram, and placing Norris under arrest.

He was later released when cops with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team and the Flint Circuit Drug Task Force realized their suspect actually lived next door.

“Something went off like a bomb in my house,” Norris told local news in September of 2020.

The botched raid set off a legal odyssey that reached its denouement last month when a federal court confirmed that the cop at the center of the operation was entitled to qualified immunity. Norris will thus be barred from suing for the violation of his civil rights.


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