Police State/Civil Liberties

What James Carville Knows

Watch for the Democrats (currently led by arch police statists Biden and Harris) to move toward stronger “law and order” rhetoric in the future. There will be three purposes for doing so: pacifying a general public concerned about rising crime rates, winning over swing voters from the right, and, most importantly, laying the foundation for a national police force as a replacement for local police forces. They will sell this to progressives as a plan for a “woke” multicultural, feminized, gayized, educated, professional police force as opposed to the inept, untrained local police forces dominated by racist yokels. And the overarching purpose will be to expand the “war on terrorism” on the domestic level.

By Matt Purple, The American Conservative

The Clintonista writes an op-ed warning Democrats not to neglect rising crime. His political realism may be having a moment.

I first became familiar with James Carville back in the early 2000s when he was on Crossfire. Those were the show’s thunderdome days, when the cameras soared over the cohosts and tense music blared in the background and the whole setup seemed like an answer to a question no one in human history had ever asked: “What The McLaughlin Group were directed by Michael Bay?” Carville was one of the “from the left” hosts whereas I was a young conservative, and I remember being irritated by his pugnacity. I also remember noticing that he sometimes wore jeans underneath the desk.

Today, Carville is something like a begrudged eminence grise of the Democratic Party. No one can dispute that he won that 1992 election for Bill Clinton, but then Democrats have about as much interest in reviving the Clinton years as they do in taking cues from Grover Cleveland. The party has moved on. Yet Carville is still there and he has developed a penchant for telling difficult truths. That’s what he did in the Wall Street Journal last week when he took up an issue no one else on the left wants to talk about: crime.


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