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Eighties Nostalgia: No, there will not be another Reagan

A far-right commentator explains why the America of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan is finished. And good riddance. The Reagan Revolution was just as damaging to what Sam Francis called the “post-bourgeois proletariat” (the conventional working to middle classes) as anything from the Left. While the cultural assault may have originated from the left, the economic assault originated from the right. And it was the Reaganites who largely made the military-industrial complex what it is today, not to mention the role of their drug war in the creation of the carceral state.

By The Z Man, Taki’s

There is a popular narrative among conventional conservatives that compares the events of today to those of the 1960s and 1970s. The comparison is natural, as it follows the conventional wisdom about politics. The rage heads in the streets are always on the left. The people defending order are on the right. In this framing, conservatives get to pretend they are playing an important role in the drama.

This narrative begins with Obama, who represents the rising expectations of blacks in the civil rights era, which ended in ghetto riots and an explosion of black crime. It is easy to forget, but the election of Obama was supposed to usher in a new era of racial harmony in America. Instead, the Obama era ended with black militants shooting police officers in the streets. BLM is today’s Black Panthers.

Of course, that makes Donald Trump the Richard Nixon of this story. Instead of driving him from office with a bogus impeachment caper, the Washington ruling elite impeached Trump twice and removed him from office with a fraudulent election. Obviously, Joe Biden is the Jimmy Carter character in this telling. Instead of being paralyzed by incompetence, Biden is in the early stages of dementia.

“The fact is, Ronald Reagan is not walking through the door.”

This is the part that gets Conservative Inc. excited. This historical parallel means that what comes next is a Ronald Reagan. This will be the guy who rallies the silent majority and restores conservatism to power. In this version, the great right-wing savior will be Tim Scott or maybe Nikki Haley. The new Reagan will be a dusky deity happy to remove the stain of racism from conservatism and the GOP.


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