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This Is One Of The Worst Dates In The History Of This Nation

By Peter R. Quinones

It started at Ruby Ridge. A guy took his family to the middle of nowhere to get away from those he believed were trying to stoke a race war (any questions when you consider the modern day?), and they followed him there.

After the bad press of killing Weaver’s wife and son, they needed a win, so they picked a group of “freaks” in Texas who weren’t worshipping the “right way.” Should David Koresh have been arrested and the charges investigated? Probably. Then why didn’t they do that when he was jogging? Or when he went shooting with ATF agents days before the ATF raid? They wanted a show.

Evidence shows the ATF shot first, killing Fawn, an Alaskan Malamate, and her 4 pups who were locked in a pen. Sound familiar? When an army shows up at your door shooting first, what do you do?

The FBI and ATF laid siege on the Branch Davidians for 51 days until they decided to attack their home with tanks using a flammable propellant to inject 2 days worth of CS gas into the house in under 4 hours. FBI flashbang grenades were found at the starting point of each fire that eventually combined into one.


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