Social anarchism and organisation

By Jonathan Payn
This document, first published in Portuguese under the title  Anarquismo Social e Organização and adopted at the first Congress of the  Feder-ação Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro in August 2008, seeks to map out the FARJ’s theoretical conception of an organised, class struggle anarchism and, “More than a purely theoretical document,[…] reflects the conclusions realised after five years of practical application of anarchism in the social struggles of our people”. In it the FARJ traces its historical and organisational roots through the militant histories of Carioca anarchists such as Ideal Peres, who struggled to keep the flame of anarchism alight during the dark days of dictatorship, to militants such as his father, Juan Perez Bouzas, a Galician immigrant anarchist who participated decisively in the Battle of Sé in 1934, “when the anarchists rejected the Integralistas under bursts of machine gun fire.”

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