The Libertarian ‘Groundhog’s Day’ – ‘It’s A Private Company’

By Peter R. Quinones

I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that until the day I shuffle off this mortal coil I’m going to be subjected to the “it’s a private company” argument from “libertarians.” They’ve spread this asinine slogan so far and wide that they have progressives and neo-liberals now quoting it. Whereas the “libertarian” spews this “private company” rhetoric out of laziness and dogma, the other two groups are using it to push a totalitarian agenda in whatever way they can.

The latest, and possibly most important, fumble for “libertarians” is the “Vaccine Passport.” “So, what’s the problem, bro? The State doesn’t own the airlines. They’re private. If they don’t want anti-vaxxers on their planes, that’s between them and their stockholders, bro!” Is this quote hyperbolic? Maybe. Will you hear the spirit of it from “libertarians?” Everyday single day and twice on Sunday. It is a testament to the lack of nuanced thinking that is so prevalent among people in the ideology. Especially those that refuse to study beyond theory and are living in Ancapistan in their minds.

Understand what this Vaccine Passport creates; you are looking at the construction of a “class” system. One that is not based on wealth or bloodlines but based on whether or not you adhere to the dominant political ideology of the culture. And remember, this prevailing ideology is not held by the majority, but by a small, influential minority consisting of the corporate press and academia who are in lockstep with the State. These are your culture-creators, not family or community.


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