You Can’t be Anti-State & Pro-Lock-down

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It has now been more than one year since the world that we have known all of our lives came screeching to a halt. And what a year’s it’s been. The collective unconscious roils in the throes of a bad acid trip, the realization seeps slow in the mind that the crisis is here to stay, and we are all along for the ride, tossed about by uncontrollable forces like a ship in a storm, trying to maintain some grace amidst all the fear and the confusion and the doubt.

Amidst it all, we have struggled to find solid ground. How are we to organize in the midst of a global pandemic? What is even going on? What threats should we be preparing for? How can we make sure that our loved ones are safe? What do other people think is going on?

This piece is a response to a critique entitled “Anarchy, Lock-down, and Crypto-Eugenics”, which is a critique of “On the Anarchist Response to the Global Pandemic”, published on Montreal Counter-Info, as well as It’s Going Down, North Shore Counter-Info, and quite a few other anarchist websites. I am not the author of that piece, however the author is a comrade with whom I have been working closely, and they encouraged me to respond, as they are currently too busy.

“On the Anarchist Response to the Global Pandemic was certainly not the first anarchist critique of lock-downs, or to suggest that the ruling class is manipulating the public for its own gain under the guise of Public Health. In fact, there are numerous anarchist voices coming out of the U.K. that have informed our critique. Some of the most notable would include Architects for Social Housing, the South Essex Heckler, Estuary Stirrings, Winter Oak, and the Acorn. We would encourage people to check out these websites if they are interested in developing their analysis in regards to the current crisis.


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  1. Please find my message about camps ,,, a must read ,,,,a true gov info article ,, not room for all info but shocking truth!!

  2. The KSEO. 4/26’96. IInterview ; w/ Alex Christipher. Of the new Denver Aiport-says that it is a Control Center for the New World Order. ‘n they also mentions The New World Airport Commission…. lotsa’ real news out there ,,,,, unless ‘u give it to the States Media

  3. 800 camps -ready for occupancy -gov contracted w/ Halliburton -in 1999- the Bushes ! German born – name of Scherf the 3rd Barbara also -_obama upgraded, kept ready ——-separate.contracts – also thousands of. railroads-kept ready -still guards ready – Armed Forces ready for Martial law,,,,finish.later

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