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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez denounces socialists and praises Biden administration, Democratic Party

Glad to see there are some Trotskyists who actually criticize human rights imperialism.

“In the interview, Ocasio-Cortez presents the Democratic Party as having been completely transformed into a working class party.”

Whatever.  The Republicans are far-right plutocrats and militarists (the perfect ARENA/Likud hybrid) and the Democrats center-right neoliberals (and on the right end of neoliberalism). Sanders is an FDR liberal and AOC is a McGovern/Ted Kennedy liberal. I don’t know how “far-left” identity politics and environmentalism are either. Madison Grant was in favor of both as was the NSDAP. Some have expressed the view that the Democrat’s defense of the sexual revolution is the only point where they are far left. I don’t know how “left” any of that is as well. As Caleb Maupin points out, historically things like “alternative lifestyles,” embracing practices perceived as deviant by conventional society, sex and drug experimentation, mysticism, naturism, occultism, were often considered to be aristocratic indulgences and not proletarian/peasant values. Again, see some of the National Socialist or Conservative Revolution leaders, particularly the early ones. At the same time, you didn’t find much of that in historic communism.

By Eric London, World Socialist Web Site

On March 19, the Democratic Socialists of America’s magazine Democratic Left published an interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in which the Democratic congresswoman and DSA member combines the most lavish praise for the Democratic Party with vicious denunciations of socialism.

The DSA has treated the interview as an important political event. This is the first time their official magazine has interviewed the New York congresswoman, and the interview was carefully prepared before publication. Though Democratic Left editorial board member Don McIntosh conducted the interview on January 26, it was only posted online seven weeks later. The choice of interviewer is also significant: McIntosh is a high-level operative in the AFL-CIO with close ties to the Democratic Party. He is listed as an author on the AFL-CIO’s press office website and is a long-time promoter of Democratic politicians and candidates at the NW Labor Press, which he edits.


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  1. “Ocasio-Cortez presents the Democratic Party as having been completely transformed into a working class party.”

    I keep having to laugh at the term, “working class”. Literally, it OUGHT to mean, ‘anyone who has a job’. (and implicitly, to exclude the people who are on welfare.) But you know that the people who use the term ‘working class’ DON’T mean that!

    They are obviously using “working class” as if it were synonymous with “blue collar”. That is, they are excluding “white collar” workers.

    Myself, I don’t see any justification for separating people by such old distinctions.

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