Alexander Reid-Ross and the Progressive Religion

With the honorable exceptions of the “Gods and Radicals” and “Anarchist News” websites, I have yet to see any major figures or groups in the “anti-fascist” or “left-anarchist” milieus disown or even criticize Alexander Reid-Ross. Apparently, “no platform” doesn’t apply to feds, spooks, and cops.
Apparently, the progressive religion works something like this.
1. Repent of the modern seven deadly sins of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and this-or-that denialism.
2. Receive social justice into your heart and come to know the true faith.
3. Worship the gods in the progressive pantheon: Equality, Health, Science, Environment, and Progress.
4. Embrace the dualistic struggle against “Fascism” (Satan/Angra Mainyu), an all-compassing, eternal, metaphysical force.
5. Constantly make excuses for the priest, no matter how much of a scumbag he turns out to be.

Anarchist News

Through his many hatchet jobs smearing anti-war leftists as crypto-fascists engaged in a supposed “red-brown” alliance with the far-right, writer Alexander Reid Ross has earned widespread derision and the retraction of his entire archive by one of his former publishers. Ironically, the self-described anarchist is now openly collaborating with a network of former cops, spies, right-wing Republicans, and Department of Homeland Security agents at a militaristic think tank funded in part by billionaire Charles Koch.

Ross’ fellowship with the recently founded Network Contagion Research Institute suggests the US national security state has an increased interest in undermining the progressive anti-imperialist forces he has targeted for years – and is also curiously uninterested in his long record of journalistic malpractice.


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