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Words Beyond the Market and the State, Pt. II

This is a fairly interesting interview with Carson, which includes his usual mixture of economic insights plus assorted bullshit.

By Diego Avila, Center for a Stateless Society

Here we bring the second part of the interview with Kevin Carson, made by Diego Avila and Luis R. Vera. To access the first part click here. In this part, we finish with the questions related to the counter-economy and Venezuela as other parts of Latin America, as well as some questions about the evolution of Kevin Carson’s thought over the years and his brief opinions on the work of Bryan Caplan, like Jason Brennan on democracy. Without further ado, we leave you the following part:

13. Because of the crisis, many Venezuelans have turned to countereconomic activities, but more as means of survival. What do you think of those activities in totalitarian states? Does a Venezuelan countereconomy find insoluble problems?


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