Vulgar Anarcho-Communism: What Left Unity Conceals

This is a fairly good article although the author’s claim that “fascists” and “militias” are part of the “system” is ridiculous (at least in the way the author apparently means). You don’t have to like fascists or militias to point out the flaws in such a claim.

By Spooky, Center for a Stateless Society

If you work on any project — political or otherwise — you’re going to be collaborating with folks you don’t agree with. Marxists, democratic socialists, and left-leaning liberals might have your back on a picket line or protest, and in some cases you might be joined by libertarians, conservatives, and even single issue republicans on issues like self defense and gun control. Hell, even within anarchist spaces you’re going to have disagreement between your various adjective havers (individualist, communist, the one token left-libertarian, etc.) that might result in the occasional heated debate. No matter what, people will never agree on everything across the board due to differences in experience, preference, or privilege, and in order to effectively organize we sometimes have to table those discussions for later.


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