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A Gulf-Israel Defense Alliance to End the Israel-Palestinian Conflict and Confront Iran

Back in the 1990s, the neocons and Reaganites associated with groups like the Project for a New American Century, created a plan that called for the destruction of every nation in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia that was capable of presenting a challenge to US hegemony, Israeli expansionism, or Saudi control over the region’s petroleum industry. The destruction of Iran was considered the “final solution” which would follow the burning down of the rest of the Middle East in the process. Most of the plan is now complete in terms of the destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, and the expansion of US military presence and counterterrorism operations into Africa. Iran and the “resistance axis” which Iran has cultivated throughout the region is what is standing in the way of the neocons’ achieving their goals. That is the reason for the saber-rattling with Iran on the part of the neocons that have been embedded in both the Biden and Trump regimes. One of the things Obama got right was his resistance to the neocons’ war plans with Iran. The Trump administration’s outsourcing of the Syrian war to Turkey and strengthening of the Sunni-Israeli alliance is about cultivating Turkey as a counterforce to Russia and China in the region, and the Israel-Sunni alliance as the counterforce to the Resistance Axis.

By Gregg Roman

A recent report suggesting that Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates are exploring the possibility of creating a four-nation defense alliance has potentially game-changing ramifications.

While the last few months since the Abraham Accords and normalization agreements signed between Israel and numerous Arab and Muslim countries have witnessed many unprecedented events, this could outshine them all.

The historic narrative of the Israel-Arab conflict has been that the region and the wider Arab and Muslim world will not countenance the existence of the Jewish State, and have tried on many occasions in the past to extinguish it.

That has come to an end in recent years, when the State of Israel and pragmatic Sunni Arab states in the region have been on the same side against common foes, whether extremist non-state entities like the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, or more prominently against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Shiite terrorist proxies in Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq.


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