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Seven Countries in Five Years

This is an overview of the plans for the conquest of the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia developed by the neocons in the 1990s, and put into practice during the Bush, Obama, Trump, and now Biden regimes. Of course, what I find amazing is that so many North American “radicals” seem to be oblivious to this, and instead buy into the MSNBC/DNC line about the Russian threat, or treat US imperialism as “just another issue,” and with the likes of Alexander Reid-Ross even siding with Saudi Arabia against Iran.

Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

General Wesley Clarke’s revelation could never have been anything but a self-defeating prophecy. As soon as it became public knowledge, the plans had to change. What is remarkable is how little the plans changed. And how well the revelations self stabilize. The adjustments turn evidence of a calculated, cold-blooded plot against democracy into a tale that can be seen as a fairy tale for paranoids, given sufficient incentive. Also, it normalizes the behavior. The advantage to be gained is to not be fooled the next time, and sure enough, as the ground began to be laid for the US Coup attempts in Venezuela, more and more people could see it coming before it happened.

All but one of the countries is considerably weakened. Roughly in order of engagement: Iraq 2003. Lebanon 2009. Syria and Libya, simultaneously with Egypt, in 2011. Somalia. Sudan (not even a single country anymore; split into Sudan and South Sudan). Iran is the obvious exception to direct military force, but has been hit with computer virus attacks, threats, propaganda and deadly trade sanctions. This article is about the latest part of the concerted effort by the United States to take over the world. It has, since at least the 20th Century, been on the list of things to achieve in the world, but it was not until the fall of the USSR that it became conceivable by the general public. The myth of the Cold War posed the USSR as an implacable enemy that could retaliate with nuclear weapons at any time, when in fact they were lying low, fearing that the US would unilaterally attack them with nukes. The USSR followed a program of helping countries or rebel groups that wanted to be communist, and would sometimes (Granada was an example of when they did not) give them weapons and intelligence assistance and hope that they achieved their objectives. The US, on the other hand, invaded 13 countries, two of them attacked twice, and one of them attacked three times (16 invasions+attacks all told). The USSR assisted in quite a few coups, but nowhere near the 14 coups that the US was involved in. The US was, in fact, and is increasingly, the very Evil Empire that they warned us of.


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