Is It Time for an Anarchist Army?

In the developing world where armed struggle is viable and, often, actually taking place, yes. In the USA, an “anarchist army” would merely be a bunch of dumbasses who ended up shooting themselves or getting taken down by the feds after falling into some kind of entrapment scheme. At some point in the future, yes, we may need something akin to an American Hezbollah. But only when the horse is firmly in front of the cart. The examples of “armed insurgent” groups we have in the US today are textbook illustrations of how NOT to do it.

Derrick Broze breaks down some history around the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine, or the Black Army. Derrick asks if it time to organize Anarchist armies.

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  1. If somebody is looking for an ‘anarchist army’, what you DON’T want is some sort of regular, organized army. What they ought to want is my Assassination Politics idea, 1995-96.

    There is no need for large armies, or even medium-sized or small armies. Just occasionally, someone unknown will appear, somebody else will die, and things will revert back. If enough of this happens, the most prominent members of one side or another will die. Eventually, whatever problem that existed will cease to exist.

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