What Social Animals Owe to Each Other: What Now, Libertarians?

By Sheldon Richman, Free Association

The prospects for individual liberty and the required rollback of the government seem as bleak as ever, but we can’t let appearances, no matter how pervasive, be decisive. The spark within most people–the longing to chart one’s course in life–never really dies. We’ve got to remember this as we search for new and innovative ways to make our case to an apparently uninterested public.

But I admit that things don’t look good. We might have expected the four-year circus presided over by Donald Trump to sour people on the very idea of government. I always thought that was an unrealistic expectation. A yearning for a return to “normal” seemed more likely–and in this context “normal” means a conventional politician. Politically speaking, pre-Trump normal is bad, which is why we got the contemptible Trump in the first place. Yet normal what we have now in the creature of Washington who is now the government’s chief executive. (By the way and strictly speaking, if you’re not in the military you have no commander-in-chief, and since the president presides as chief executive officer of the government, not the country, private citizens have no president either. A pet peeve of mine is people who call any president “my president” or “my commander-in-chief.”)


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