Police State/Civil Liberties

How To Prepare For Coming Crackdown

By Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

I recently received an e-mail from a reader of Live Not By Lies who said that the book was saying exactly what needed to be said right now, in this extraordinary moment for traditional Christians and political conservatives. I would have normally thanked him, and let that be that, but this was no ordinary reader. This was from an experienced military intelligence officer, now retired.

Lieutenant Colonel (USA, Ret) Alexander Braszko served the country for 22 years as a Military Intelligence and Space Operations officer. He has extensive experience integrating space, cyberspace and information operations capabilities into Army and Joint operations. He deployed to South Korea, Kosovo, and Iraq during his career. After leaving the Army, he became Kansas City, Missouri’s Chief Innovation Officer, where he used his insights into emerging technologies to improve municipal operations. He helped create an Emerging Technology Board in the city, charged with fostering a system of collaboration between city departments, law enforcement, and community representatives on controversial emerging technology initiatives including ShotSpotter, facial recognition software, autonomous drones, and autonomous vehicles.


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