Make the Future Anti-Fascist

I strongly disagree that the Trump administration was “fascist,” as opposed to “neo-Nixonian.” But that’s just me.

By Darian Worden, Center for a Stateless Society

A victory over fascism deserves celebration.

The fascists lost their hold on the most powerful political office. Their leader is disgraced and isolated. They are turning on each other. They played their hand with a coup attempt – and they failed to do much besides exposing themselves and supercharging their opposition. Despite years of psychological warfare, dirty tricks, and outright brutality, they have failed.

Trump promised authoritarian belligerence and he did his best to enact it. From the first days of his administration, he made racist decrees and flouted restraints that law and custom had placed on the presidency. In a few years he publicly embraced the paramilitaries and street gangs that wore his symbols as uniforms, creating a fascist movement meant to subdue and conquer the people in the USA.

But we fought back, despite the threats and insults from regime supporters, despite the scolding and mockery from enablers. A large and diverse part of society committed to resist Trump and his followers. Politics followed society’s demands. We made the Trump brand of authoritarianism fall.

What now?

It is okay to take some time to rest and consider the future. To play the long game requires knowing when to slow down and when to charge ahead. Celebrating what has been accomplished should not prevent taking care of what needs to be done.


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  1. I can’t help but laugh. These people live in make believe land. Maybe they can stop drinking the champagne long enough to notice that the government is now controlled by more organized and unified fascists than Trump, who was more so playing a character he thought served himself than a guy with any real plan. I used to think left libertarians had at least some common sense but they have been completely swept up into this propaganda fantasy.

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