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The Long March Ahead for the Real Right

Some pretty good class analysis in this, which describes a key aspect of US electoral politics as class conflict between the rising urban, suburban, professional-managerial upper-middle class, and the sinking rural, small-town, heartland working to middle class. Of course, like most left and/right class analysis, it ignores the lumpenproletariat which I have long argued is where the real action will be in the future. If Democrats are the party of the techno-oligarchs and managerial clerisy, and the Republicans are pretending to be the part of the “post-bourgeois proletariat” (Sam Francis), then anarchists are the “party” of the lumpenproletariat.

By Edward Welsch, Chronicles

The American electorate split strongly along class lines in the 2020 election, as revealed by a Bloomberg News data chart that correlated campaign donors with their professions. This data map looks like an inverted triangle made up of circles in varying shades of blue and red. At the top are large circles in deep blue, denoting professions that donated large amounts and which slanted their donations toward the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden. Large blue circles for lawyers, teachers, professors, nurses and doctors, editors and writers, and internet technology professionals dominate the top of the map.


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