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The Mortalities of Lockdowns

It’s fairly obvious that the function of the lockdowns has been to protect the health of the affluent classes on the backs of the poor and working classes, and while facilitating a looting spree by the most influential sectors of the capitalist class, with the powers of the state being expanded in the process.

By Antony Sammeroff

Here are some of the mortalities of lockdowns: Dr. Sunita Gupta of oxford university, 130 million people are at risk of starvation due to lockdowns. The UN states that between 42 and 66 million children around the world will be reduced to “extreme poverty.” UNICEF predicts the death of 1.2 million children due to lockdowns. Others sources have observed that and unprecedented number of “deaths of despair” from alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide are resulting from the lockdown. More are likely to die in the UK from preventable illnesses due to missed screenings than from the Covid virus.
It continues to amaze me that intelligent and compassionate people are unwilling to consider the cost-benefit analysis on the most radical policy implemented not just in our lifetime but anyone’s lifetime outside of war, even after everyone has been robbed of 9 months of their lives that they will never see back again. When we look at the data across all nations and counties from those that had very strict lockdown measures, to little or no lockdown at all – it is a complete shotgun graph. There is no correlation at all. You would not be able to tell from the data where has locked down and where has remained open. Lockdowns don’t even seem to prevent the spread of covid. There is no evidence in favour of them. Zero. Zilch. What’s more worrying is that no one is even demanding any evidence in favour of them either. Where are people’s boundaries? You give up everything without so much as a rationale for giving it up? This is genuinely incomprehensible to me.

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