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San Francisco mayor says Harris replacement pick ‘a real blow to the African American community’

As I have said before, the US is presently undergoing a transition from a historically unconventional middle-class society to a “normal” or traditional model of society. California is the region of the US where this transition is furthest along. The features of a traditional society are an entrenched ruling oligarchy, high levels of social stratification between rich and poor, a clerical class that serves as the ideological/moral arbiters of the wider society, and a general population that is motivated primarily by tribalism with zero interest in liberal values. Here it is.

By Cameron Jenkins, The Hill

San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) said Tuesday that California Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s (D) choice of Secretary of State Alex Padilla (D) to fill Vice President-elect Kamala Harris‘s (D) vacant Senate seat is “a real blow to the African American community.”

When asked about her thoughts on Newsom’s pick by an ABC affiliate, Breed said the decision was a surprise.

“This is a real blow to the African American community, to African American women, to women in general,” she said, according to ABC 7 News. “It’s really challenging to put it into words, but it was definitely a surprise.”


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  1. A few months ago, elsewhere, I raised the question: Is Kamala Harris ANY part “black”? Her mother is Indian, yes.
    Sure, the husband (?) of her mother was black, but if you look at the pictures of both her mother and father, Kamala is actually substantially lighter than her mother. Kamala is the color I’d expect of her mother, and a white father.
    A simple DNA test would tell us if her father had any African genes in him. (I mean, “recent” African genes, not from 60,000 years ago.)

    Kamala may not know, herself, if she was actually the biological daughter of her mother’s mate. Her mother may have lied. Alternatively, her mother may not have known, for sure, who Kamala’s biological father was. Or, maybe her mother knows that Kamala’s father was white, and told Kamala, and they both decided to keep this fact a secret.

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