Dozens of States Just Sued To Break Up Google. The Biggest Losers Would Be Consumers. 1

Regional principalities and magnates take on a techno-feudal manor.

By Billy Binion, Reason

A group of state attorneys general filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google today, alleging that the company maintains monopoly control over internet search via competition-squashing behavior.

The complaint, brought by 38 states and U.S. territories, hones in on three core tenets of Google’s “anticompetitive conduct”: establishing partnerships with other tech companies in related markets, limiting advertising interoperability with competitors, and prioritizing their own products and services in search results.

“Our economy is more concentrated than ever, and consumers are squeezed when they are deprived of choices in valued products and services,” said Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser in a statement. “Google’s anticompetitive actions have protected its general search monopolies and excluded rivals, depriving consumers of the benefits of competitive choices, forestalling innovation, and undermining new entry or expansion.”


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