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What Is The Great Reset and Will It Impact You?

What this speaker in this video is describing sounds fairly accurate in the sense of merely recognizing prevailing trends. What’s going on now is a repeat of what happened in the Industrial Revolution with unprecedented technological expansion and the emergence of elites with unprecedented wealth, combined with the desire of elites to use science and technology as a means of both population control and creating utopias. Back then eugenics was all the rage. Now there seems to a pathological obsession with environmentalism, “health” and “diversity.” It’s the same thing you found among the “progressive” intellectuals, industrialists, scientists, etc. over 100 years ago, except they’ve done an about-face on racism and eugenics since all that was discredited by the mustache man.

But the race issue and their embrace of the sexual revolution from the 60s is the only thing that separates modern “progressive” intellectuals, financiers, philanthropists, plutocrats, Malthusians, imperialists, etc. from the “progressives” of the late 19th/early 20th century. Other than that, they’re identical. And their embrace of “diversity” is opportunistic. It’s mostly about meeting the human resources and consumption needs of the global economy and creating a self-legitimating ideological superstructure for themselves. with faux egalitarianism and humanitarianism.

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  1. Progressivism, as it used to, still advocates eugenics, but now uses the terms racist, fascist, and anti-science. It achieves it’s goals through ‘treatments’ such as abortion, vaccination, and chemical lobotomy.

    Demonization always works on the population of the time because it chooses terms that work in that era. The above terms are the ones that work now, and are therefore used.

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