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Tea party leader urges Trump to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law to hold new vote

And the ruling class is really taking this seriously as evidenced by one federal judge after another laughing Trump’s lawsuits out of court.

By Jeremy Pelzer, Cleveland.Com

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A prominent Ohio tea party leader has taken out a full-page ad in the Washington Times calling on President Donald Trump to temporarily suspend the Constitution and declare martial law to stage a “re-vote” of the 2020 presidential election.

The ad, placed by Tom Zawistowski of the We the People Convention, drew swift criticism from at least one top Ohio Republican.

In the ad, Zawistowski states that when Democrat Joe Biden is formally elected the next president, as is expected, Trump should order the U.S. military to oversee a new election for federal candidates using only paper ballots.

Zawistowski cited unfounded claims of voter fraud, many of which have been vocally pushed by Trump himself. Trump’s campaign has filed dozens of lawsuits in battleground states narrowly won by Biden, though those suits have mostly been thrown out or withdrawn.


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