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Trump Orders All American Troops Out of Somalia

A reader observes, “The Pentagon said the troops in Somalia would be leaving by Jan. 15 – President Joe Biden will send them right back, In Fact with Trump having only 5 Days in Office, I can imagine The Military dragging their feet so they do not leave.”

By Helene Cooper, New York Times

While the number of forces — about 700 — is small, it is a continuation of President Trump’s efforts to withdraw the United States from what he has described as endless wars.

WASHINGTON — President Trump, pressing his end-of-term troop withdrawals from conflicts around the world, will pull American forces out of Somalia, where they have been trying to push back advances by Islamist insurgents in the Horn of Africa.

The Pentagon announced on Friday that virtually all of the approximately 700 troops in Somalia — most Special Operations forces who have been conducting training and counterterrorism missions — will be leaving by Jan. 15, five days before President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. is scheduled to be inaugurated.


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