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We have only four years to prevent a fascist USA: Here’s what we need to do now

The most immediately obvious problem with this article is that it merely makes the left-opposition  into an appendage of the Democratic Party (to the degree they are not already) held captive by rightwingophobia. Although a valid point the article makes is that the neocons will indeed attempt to harness Trumpism and bend it more directly toward neocon purposes. They could go the redneck route and try to use Tom Cotton as their frontman, or go the diverse route and try to use Marco Rubio or Nikki Haley as their front, or try some other method. But the Repugs will likely try to add a faux economic populism to their wider laundry list of scams.

Tech Learning Collective, Center for a Stateless Society

Trump lost. Last weekend we celebrated the electoral defeat of a US president undeniably behaving as an openly fascist dictator. Yet we must remember that elections are for choosing the targets of our political pressure, not for choosing our saviors. Only we the people, not the president-elect, can meaningfully bring that pressure to bear.

The hate movement that carried Trump to the presidency is bruised but not broken. Writing at Vox, Ezra Klein notes “[t]he conditions that made Trump and this Republican Party possible are set to worsen,” pointing out that not only have Democrats failed to flip the Senate as the polls predicted, but that Republican politicians still control redistricting efforts in statehouses across the country. They will surely use that control to further entrench anti-majoritarian rule for another decade. Then there’s the new 6-3 conservative and partisan majority on the Supreme Court, to say nothing of the well over two hundred conservative judges that have been added to the judiciary with lifetime appointments.

Turkish-born technologist and sociologist Zeynep Tufecki warns in The Atlantic that “[this] situation is a perfect setup, in other words, for a talented politician to run on Trumpism in 2024. […] Make no mistake: The attempt to harness Trumpism—without Trump, but with calculated, refined, and smarter political talent—is coming. And it won’t be easy to make the next Trumpist a one-term president.”


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