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It’s Not Your Father’s GOP

This article is more or less advocating that the Republicans reinvent themselves as the equivalent of European Christian Democrats. Like the war profiteers, corporate plutocrats, and Israeli/Saudi functionaries who run the GOP are ever going to take that seriously. I think it’s quite likely the Repugs might shift in such a direction rhetorically, but it would just be another scam like all the other scams they’ve run in the past.

By Ben Hachten, The American Conservative

Whether or not President Trump remains President Trump, his impact on the trajectory of the Republican party is undeniable. The party will never return to the party of Ronald Reagan (eternal rest grant unto his soul). Rather than mourning the death of the old party, conservatives should be thankful for what President Trump has done for the movement—regardless of how we view the man’s shortcomings (of which one could find many).

President Trump connected with a class of voters that the elites have long looked down upon—until, of course, it came time to cash in their votes (we all know the type of paternalistic pandering, particularly about religious faith, that comes around every election cycle). I’m talking about America’s multiracial, multiethnic, socially conservative middle class—the people who make America so great. 

Despite constant allegations that President Trump embodies America’s racist history, he won the highest percentage of non-white voters of any Republican since 1960. Indeed, Trump’s heaviest losses were among white, upper-class males. Whether one believes the president is actually a racist or not, this demographic shift is momentous, and we conservatives, particularly those of us who belong to traditional faith communities, should welcome it with open arms. The 2020 election, far from being the blue wave that we were promised by America’s millionaire pundits, has thus far shown that many Americans reject the elites and their soft totalitarianism, the globalism that has made the rich richer and the poor poorer and has encouraged constant war, and the growing rise of secularism and its outright mockery of religious faith. 


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