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A list of historic firsts in the 2020 election

The US continues to drift leftward in virtually every social and cultural category. The amount of “diversity firsts” in the election was significant and even Trump voters were more “diverse” this time around than they were in 2016. The only major group with which Trump lost voters were white males without college degrees and he gained in virtually every other category. Left-leaning Democratic candidates for Congress typically faired better than centrist ones. The “left” side of the spectrum also won referendums on everything from drug legalization to raising the minimum wage, even in conservative states like Mississippi and Florida. Meanwhile, class divisions continue to widen. We seem to be moving toward a kind of “rainbow feudalism.”

, Revolt

After four years of division, hatred and tragedy that we’ve experienced during Donald Trump’s presidency, the American people are hungry for a positive change. That was only made evident by the historic voter turnout this year, and the wave of diverse appointments nationwide. There were quite a number of firsts in several states, as well as some laws regarding voting rights, drugs and crime in several others.

We may not have an answer as to who the next president of the United States will be just yet — though it’s looking pretty good for Biden — but based on the history being made in other 2020 elected seats, we have reason to keep hope that the tide is turning for our good.

Take a look at some of the newly appointed politicians and approved laws that made history this election season below.


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