American Decline

Against Atlanticist Hegemony

I generally consider 4PT to be more counter-imperialist than anti-imperialist but this is spot on.
New Resistance
Image may contain: text that says 'The great ability of those who.are in control in the modern world lies inmoking the people believe that they are governing themselves René Guénon'
Once again the American left proves it’s completely blinded by Eurocentric racism as it gleefully applauds the reassertion of American liberalism as the head of the modern, Eurocentric, world order. At the heart of even the most avid “anti-imperialist”, “Marxist” is a tyrant ready to force Eurocentric values on the people’s of the world under the guise of “liberty”, “human rights”, “progress” and “democracy”. They do not see this in themselves but today it shines brightly for the wise to see.
America must develop a fourth political theory that will break the American people free of liberal modernity and into a new renaissance. In turn, the world will be able to follow its own path free of Atlanticist hegemony. A new anti-liberal synthesis is on the horizon to lead us out of the darkness. Reject universal, Eurocentric myths of “progress” in favor of multipolarity in America and the world. We must free America from the global oligarchy which uses the American state to oppress the world and the American people. Only a fourth political theory will unite us against our common enemy.
Freedom! Justice! Revolution!

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