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Trump Is Gone. Trumpism Just Arrived

By Andrew Sullivan

The “wisdom of the American people” is a horrifying cliché, routinely hauled out every four years as pious pabulum by those whose candidate just won. But the complicated and close election results of 2020, in so far as we can understand them at this point in time, really do seem to capture where America now is, for good and ill, defying the caricatures and wishful thinking of both Republicans and Democrats, revealing a sanity that has helped keep me rather serene in this chaotic week.

The key fact is that Donald J Trump has been decisively defeated. He will be a one-term president. This was by no means inevitable. But in a massive turnout, where both sides mobilized unprecedented hordes of voters, and when the GOP actually made gains in the House, and did much better than expected, Trump lost. A critical mass of swing voters and moderate Republicans picked Biden over him. Our nightmare of four years — an unstable, malignant, delusional maniac at the center of our national life — is over.

Take a moment to feel that relief. Breathe. Rejoice. He’s done.

He will not concede. He cannot concede — because he would suffer a psychic break if he did. And what we witnessed Thursday night, in his drained yet still despicable rant, was a picture of a sad, lost, delusional person, a man utterly unfit to hold the office he holds, lying and lying and lying, spinning paranoid conspiracy theories like a drunk on Tumblr. He said without any basis in fact: “This is a case where they’re trying to steal an election, they’re trying to rig an election, and we can’t let that happen.”


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  1. What I would say in response to Sullivan is that the danger of Trumpism is not that the Republicans will become less neocon and more paleocon as neocon weenie Andrew Sullivan fears. That might actually be an improvement. The danger is that a competent neocon or neocon puppet will be able to harness Trumpism and bend it toward neocon purposes. That actually happened with Trump to some degree but it could happen in a much, much bigger way in the future.

    • The claim that Trump’s allegations of election tampering are ‘without evidence’ is submoronic, which is par for the course with NeoCon hacks. Anyone who thinks that various agents of Libtardism DIDN’T deliberately rig the elections, each in their own way and not necessarily under orders, is an idiot. The fact that election fraud occurs is indisputable, proven and IGNORED. However, it is so pervasive and routine that that doesn’t mean Trump lost *because* of election fraud; nor does it mean Republicans don’t commit it (though they do have fewer people in the election bureaucracies). But it is a FACT that various Democratic agents DID engage in destroying, falsifying, stealing, etc. ballots and other methods to discourage OrangeMan voters. They engaged in exactly the kind of ‘voter suppression’ they accused Trump of, and that they always, in fact, engage in.

      Mass democracy is a retarded idea, and voting is for stupid rubes, but the idea that the world empire is going to pick its emperor and there’s not going to be any funny business is the sort of cretinous, blue-pilled horse-shit that makes corporate journalists useless and incapable of understanding reality.

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