The Ruling Class’ Game of Solitaire

The only thing I would add to what Greenwald says is that the neocons have also gained control of the Republicans/Trumpists as well. The “civil war” is really just a game of solitaire by the ruling class.
Glenn Greenwald:
“This is the real story of the last four years, of the Trump administration, which is that, for a long time on the left, there was a healthy skepticism of the CIA. There was a lot of anti-war activism in the Bush and Cheney years. That has all disappeared, and the reason it has disappeared is that the CIA, from the very first days of the Trump administration, even before he was inaugurated, devoted themselves to sabotaging the administration, because Donald Trump questioned just a few of their pieties, and that can’t be done in Washington. Whoever does that must be destroyed. And so the CIA and the deep state operatives became heroes of the liberal left, the people who support the Democratic party. They’re now in a full union with the NeoCons, the Bush-Cheney operatives, the CIA, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street. That is the union of power, along with mainstream media outlets that are fully behind the Democratic party, which is likely to at least take over one branch of government, if not all of them with the coming election. And that is a very alarming proposition because they are authoritarian, they believe in censorship and they believe in suppression of information that exposes them in any kind of a critical light.”

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