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America boards up: Cities across the nation prepare for widespread looting and riots after Election Day – as some states ready their National Guard

What is most fascinating about all of this is that it’s all make-believe. There are no existential issues involved, just pretend ones. It’s like the Zimbardo prison experiment where the participants started thinking they were guards/inmates in a real prison, or a group of cosplayers who forget that it’s all imaginary.

Keith Griffith, Daily Mail

  • Storefronts from New York to Beverly Hills were being boarded up on Friday ahead of Election Day
  • Security officials are preparing for a range of threats, from spontaneous violence to planned attacks
  • Left-wing groups plan to gather near the White House in massive demonstration as polls close on November 3
  • Biden supporters lay plans for weeks of sustained street actions if Trump refuses to concede the election
  • Right-wing groups have also sparked fears of violence in the event of a Biden victory
  • Philadelphia has National Guard deployed, as other states ready Guardsmen for activation


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  1. Is there other historical examples of civil wars based on make believe? My hunch is that most would have been, but I don’t know enough to say so.

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