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Labor Prepares for Last-Minute General Strike If Trump Tries to Steal Election

The labor aristocracy threatens a tantrum if their favorite Tweedledee doesn’t win. Why aren’t these fuckfaces organizing a general strike REGARDLESS of who wins the idiotic election?

By Candice Bernd, Truthout

The 100,000-member MLK Labor Council, an AFL-CIO regional body of labor groups representing more than 150 unions in the Seattle, Washington, area, passed a resolution Wednesday that calls for a general strike if President Donald Trump does not respect the outcome of the November 3 election.

“MLK Labor will call on to City and County governments to pledge to protect the protesters defending democracy and commit to not using police action or curfews to curtail these activities and to use all available resources to stand up against any effort by the Trump administration to steal the election,” the resolution states.

“MLK Labor, in collaboration with other labor and progressive forces, will take whatever nonviolent actions are necessary up to and including a general strike to protect our democracy, the Constitution, the law and our nation’s democratic traditions.”


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  1. “…If Trump Tries to Steal Election”

    It’s appropriate NOW to consider what means would constitute “stealing the election”.
    The article says: “if President Donald Trump does not respect the outcome of the November 3 election.”

    Let’s not forget that the Democrats were criticizing Trump before the 2016 on this same point…and then they had to eat crow because THE ELECTION was not going the way the Democrats wanted it to do.

    If these people won’t explain now what actions would constitute “stealing the election”, it’s because they are probably planning to accuse Trump of “stealing the election regardless of what happens or what Trump does.

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