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Facebook Loves Imperialist War Crimes

The following comments were banned from Facebook as “hate speech.” I originally posted these comments in response to a news story about Yemen’s retaliatory strike against the Saudis.

I’ve had quite a few people from other places ask me why Americans don’t care about the atrocities committed by their government. I always tell them it’s because most Americans are too ignorant or stupid to even know about it, and the rest are too self-centered to give a damn. As Ted Rall has observed:
Because most Americans are self-centered and unconcerned about brown people in other nations, it’s ridiculous yet necessary to remind you that the Afghans we bomb are real people like you and me, that Iraqis are scarred for life when their children are hobbled by American bullets, that Yemenis cry for their dead blown to bits by American missiles, that our insane decision to turn Libya from the most prosperous country in Africa into a failed state with 21st century slave auctions is an atrocity, that we have murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the last couple of decades for no reason that can be justified under common sense or international law.

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