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Nationalism: Left, Right, and Black

More white folks trying to instruct black folks in the “proper” way to go about being black.

Kristian Williams, a left-wing anarchist hated by left-wing anarchists though not as much as yours truly, has a pretty interesting discussion of the ideas and influences of Clarence Thomas. The opening section of this is interesting:

Two flags decorated Clarence Thomas’s apartment at Yale Law School: The red, black, and green Pan-African flag, and the Stars and Bars of the Confederate battle flag.

Corey Robin mentions this detail in passing in The Enigma of Clarence Thomas—which was just released in a paperback edition—but it almost serves as a microcosm of his argument.

Robin—among the most astute, and certainly the most readable, of the left-liberal scholars of the right—is kind enough to offer us a thesis statement: “The central claim of this book,” he writes, is that “Thomas is a black nationalist whose conservative jurisprudence rotates around an axis of black interests and concerns.”

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