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Biden Goes Right Of Trump On Foreign Policy

Kyle Kulinski is usually pretty good at geopolitics and foreign policy. But he’s missing a few things here. First, the silliness of his UN apologetics is obvious enough. Also, Trump’s hawkish stance toward Iran and dovish stance toward the DPRK is not just about random personal impulses and is not contradictory. The Trump administration is uber-Zionist and uber-pro-Saudi, and they’ve worked diligently to create a broad Zionist/Sunni alliance against the Shia, who are led by Iran. The administration’s dovish position on the DPRK is a natural corollary to its hawkish position on the PRC.  They want to ween the DPRK away from its alliance with the PRC, and a wider BRICS axis, while cultivating the DPRK as a “China-lite,” i.e. a future source of labor for Western capital.

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