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Stepping Back from the Brink

A good discussion of the present situation by fourth-generation warfare theorist Bill Lind. As the discussion thread following this article indicates, more and more I am seeing people on “both sides” (although there are actually dozens of “sides”) saying of their opponents, “But they want to kill us!” We are increasingly reaching the point of what Carl Schmitt considered to be the essence of the “political.”

By William S. Lind, The American Conservative

As the elections fall upon us, most people are focused on who wins, Republicans or Democrats. That is an important question, since a Democratic victory would bring a serious assault on freedom of thought and expression. What you see on campuses is what the cultural Marxists want to force on society as a whole. “Cancel” is the new synonym for “liquidate.”

There is nonetheless a more portentous question facing our country: do politics stay within the banks of the political system or do they overflow those banks and inundate daily life? The answer to that question may lead to another: do we remain the United States or will the astonishing disintegration of the Soviet Union be followed by the even more astonishing disintegration of our own country?


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