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Joe Biden Says Voters ‘Don’t Deserve’ To Know If He Supports Court Packing

The most interesting about a Biden administration regarding domestic policy will probably be the degree to which the Democrats move to create a one-party state.

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss Joe Biden’s reluctance to talk about court packing. They also react to his recent comments in Las Vegas, NV.

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  1. The silliest part is that it’s such an easy question to handle.

    No, Joe Biden wouldn’t “pack” the Supreme Court, because he would have no power to do any such thing. Congress sets the size of the court. He only gets to fill the seats they create.

    • What the conservative side is worried about is the Democrats getting enough of an electoral majority to control both the presidency and both houses of Congress which means they could engage in court-packing with ease. Although the other side of it is that the Republicans have tried to stack the federal judiciary with their own people.

      • You’ve got a mismatch there. “Conservative” is not the opposite of “Democrat.”

        And yes, I understand that (conservative) Republicans are worried about (conservative) Democrats “packing the court.” But Congress, not the presidency, is the instrument for doing so. It’s like asking Biden if he’s going to allow smoking in the Senate cloakroom or something.

        • I agree with that, at least in the abstract. In most democratic countries, the Republicans would be considered a far right party, and the Democrats a center-right party (and on the right-wing of the center-right). The Republicans seem to be an almost perfect hybrid of El Salvador’s ARENA and Israel’s Likud. The Democrats are kind of like the center-right parties in Europe, like the CDU in Germany, only maybe a little further to the right, particularly on foreign policy and to some degree on economics. Caitlin Johnstone’s take on this seems pretty accurate:

          Joe Biden would probably be too busy raping someone in the Senate cloakroom to worry about smoking.

          • I’ve got no opinion on Biden’s status as a rapist, but as for the rest of it, yep, that’s pretty much the situation. The US doesn’t have a “left” in its mainstream politics.

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