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Revolution 2020: How did we get here—and how will it end?

A pretty good critique of the rising ruling class by Angelo Codevilla, although like most conservatives he misses a number of things that would actually add to this critique. Conservatives are always wondering why they are unable to effectively resist the leftward totalitarian drift. I would argue it is because they accept many of the same premises and foundations as their hated progressives such as, for example, the legitimacy of the state and related forms of paternalism. Social justice warriors are merely social conservatives under another name. They merely replace the traditional pieties of “faith, family, and flag” with new ones like race, gender, sexuality, health, science, equality, and ecology.

By Angelo Codevilla, The American Mind

How did we get here—and how will it end?

Understanding what drives the revolution that is destroying the American republic gives insight into how the 2020 election’s results may impact its course. Its practical question—who rules?—is historically familiar. But any revolution’s quarrels and stakes obscure the question: to what end? Our revolution is by the ruling class—a revolution from above. Crushing obstacles to its growing oligarchic rule is the proximate purpose.

But the logic that drives the revolution aims at civilization itself.

What follows describes how far along its path that logic has taken America, and where it might take us in the future depending on the election’s outcome.


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