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How Our Pointless Wars Made Life Hell for Religious Minorities

Where are the woke folks?

By Doug Bandow, The American Conservative

Six years ago, the Islamic State appeared well on its way to creating a modern “caliphate,” or Islamist nation-state. The jihadist message of murder and mayhem drew thugs and cretins from around the world. They sought to serve Allah by murdering, kidnapping, and raping their way across Iraq and Syria.

Unfortunately, Washington made it easy for ISIS. Iraq suffered through a sectarian war triggered by the U.S. invasion. The Bush administration removed Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein, allowing the Shia majority to take control. Shiites enjoyed their new position atop the political order, oppressing the once-ruling Sunnis. Sectarian governance and conflict fueled a murderous insurgency. After demonstrating that it was far better at destroying the old order than creating a new one, Washington withdrew. Fearful Sunnis turned for protection to the Islamic State, a group seemingly based in the 6th century.


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