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The Police Are Fat Bastards

One thing I’ve found interesting about recent events is that even a lot of conservatives are not going to bat for the police.

By Dean

Make sure you read all this post before you comment, but I will say this now. The police are fat bastards who are too stupid to do anything except eat donuts and play candy crush and have zero courage or conviction. I know I’m supposed to be all-out in favour of law and order and stuff as a conservative, but myself and the police do not have a good history.  I’ve seen them use public order powers to split up legitimate meetings before. So I’m not massively surprised by what they’re currently doing to Grimes.
Whenever I have called the police in the past, it’s because I’ve been properly-threatened. Such as the time when and unknown gang with unknown motives attempted to kick down my front-door and practically attacked the entire street (who, I might add, also called the police). Such as the time when a group of customers lost their shit and started ransacking my studio.

Both of these times the police never turned up. No investigation. Nothing. Both of these times I had to solve the problem myself and luckily for me they were resolved without bloodshed. I was armed in the first incident I should mention, so it’s only my good self-control and general sensible-head which led to a resolution without lives being lost. So as far as I can see it the police are wimps who have all the time in the world to police what things say online, but are too scared to go out to a potentially violent situation.
What’s the alternative explanation? You aint telling me they’re under-resourced when they have all the resources in the world to investigate “hate speech” but funnily enough don’t even bother to investigate gang-violence incidents or aggravated burglaries which are actual risks to peoples’ well-being and property.
I know especially that this is going to be a little distasteful to some of my conservative-inclined peers who have a natural inclination to support the police as an extension of support for strong law-and-order, but the truth is that the police do not do their job as a matter of course and not necessarily just because they’re underfunded or whatever. The forces are also largely made up of cowards who are not qualified nor equipped to do the job. This is because the likes of Cressida Dick and whoever else have not just infiltrated leftie ideology into the police force.
A despicable form of cowardly pacifism has crept in whereby they “allow violent incidents to take place in a controlled manner”, rather than stopping them outright because they are violations of law and order. Naturally as well they have been captured by leftie idealogues and think that “protesters” should be allowed to smash things up because awwwww the poor lil darlings are angry or whatever.
We have also allowed standards to drop so low with recruitment that the police are picking up unprincipled cowards who don’t ultimately want to do the job which in itself is a disaster.
I should also point out that I don’t speak from the position of someone who has zero experience with the police either, and unless you’ve been in the situation of needing the police to sort out a violent incident and not have them turn up and no investigation or anything, that you probably haven’t had the same experience as me.

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