Americans Battle Over the Line of Royal Succession Reply

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What is happening nowadays is more like a situation analogous to the colonists engaging in a very low grade civil over which royal dynasty is the proper successor to the throne, with different royal houses having their own peasant constituencies that they incite against each other, and with the real revolutionaries against the Crown being Native American tribes or escaped slaves massacring colonists and redcoats alike and burning down colonial outposts.

The only actual revolutionary or semi-revolutionary force in recent events has been the largely apolitical lumpenproletariat who might loot a Target merely out of need or greed or burn down a po-po house purely for the sake of personal revenge (Max Stirner would be proud). If someone is actually carrying a protest sign, shouting some cliched slogan, or waving the banner of some dumbass “radical” group, then they are probably not an actual “revolutionary” but a dupe for this or that ruling class faction.

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