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These Companies Took Action in Support of #BlackLivesMatter

At present, the rising forces of totalitarian humanism and digital capitalism have formed an alliance with the neocons and deep state in order to weaponize the left against the Trumpists. Once the Trumpists are defeated, the rising ruling class will purge the left and suppress the actual lumpenproletariat rebellion.

Tatum Hunter


As George Floyd’s death at the hands of police grabbed national headlines, many tech companies expressed their support of the Black Lives Matter movement on social media.

“While our Black colleagues uniquely feel personal outrage at these events that we see all too often, I and the entire Grubhub team share their horror and frustration, and know the impact of current events is profound and will rightly be felt for a very long time,” Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney wrote in an open letter the company shared on Twitter.

Company leaders echoed the sentiments Maloney expressed here: grief, outrage, sympathy. Some went a step further and, like Grubhub, committed to donating money to anti-racist groups. Some unveiled initiatives for addressing racism in their products or organizations. A few shared the racial make-up of their workforces and action plans for hiring and retaining more employees from underrepresented groups.

As many Black tech professionals have pointed out, corporate statements only go so far. Reporters from The Plug, a publication focused on the Black tech community, compiled a spreadsheet tracking companies that released #BlackLivesMatter statements and whether those companies shared diversity data, made material donations or established diversity, equity and inclusion principles.


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