Marijuana Legalization and Drug Policy Ballot Initiatives 2020

The only possible reason why anyone should get near anything remotely resembling a ballot or a voting booth.

By Adrian Moore

Reason Foundation

As public opinion on drug policy has evolved, changes to drug policy have been put on state ballots more frequently in recent years.  This is especially true when it comes to marijuana legalization, with most of the states that have legalized marijuana doing so by popular vote.

Reason Foundation’s work on drug policy has highlighted the problems with prohibition and the War on Drugs and alternative means of dealing with real external impacts of drug abuse. We have also focused on understanding what has, and has not, worked in the creation and regulation of legalized medical and recreational marijuana markets.

This year voters in states across the country will weigh-in on several ballot measures pertaining to drug policy. In the District of Columbia, voters will decide on an advisory measure to de-emphasize enforcement of possession and sale of psychedelic plants. Voters in Oregon will decide if some drugs should be decriminalized and addressed with harm reduction policies instead.


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