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Marianne Williamson: America’s Cold Civil War

Marianne was my second favorite candidate in the primaries, after Tulsi.

Liberal and left opinion regards Trump as an incipient fascist. Conservative and right-wing opinion regards Trump as an incipient Bolshevik. Both are focused on Biden’s obvious senility. Though I think all of these are missing some of the most interesting and important things about current events.

By Marianne Williamson


A cold war is a state of political hostility that stops short of open warfare. America has entered a cold civil war, a redux of our Civil War beginning in 1861, in which the philosophical battle lines are eerily similar to those of the 19th century.

Yet this is a very different kind of war. What some generations had to deal with externally, we now have to deal with internally as well. It is aspects of our character as well as aspects of our politics that will be required to achieve victory.

A stroke of a presidential signature and a constitutional amendment could abolish slavery but could not eradicate racism, just as passing the 19th Amendment could give women the right to vote but could not eradicate misogyny. We’re going to have to deal with the root causes of our problems, not just treat their symptoms, if our democracy is to survive.


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