American Decline

Joe Rogan World Vs. NPR World

Of all the political conflicts I have ever studied, anywhere in the world, or from any time in history, there are none which I have found to be nearly as ridiculous as the American “culture wars.” Culture warriors, whether red, blue, white, black, pink, green, or purple, generally strike me as overly privileged losers and crybabies who throw tantrums if they can’t have their way 100% of the time. The US culture wars primarily take place within the middle to upper-middle classes, and the “warrior” weenies are people who are collectively in the global 1%. Ezra Pound was absolutely correct when he proclaimed the United States to be one big insane asylum. Europeans, Russians, Third World nationalists, and Islamists are very wise to want to keep American influence out of their societies.

By Rod Dreher

The American Conservative

Yesterday when I drove up to the country to visit my mother, I listened to NPR until I couldn’t take it anymore. There was a story about black Mormons. Normally I would have found that compelling, given my interest in religion. The Mormon religion used to be formally racist, but changed its teaching. What is it like to live as a black Mormon? That’s a story that interests me. Or normally would, but I swear, I turned off the radio. Why?

It had nothing to do with the black Mormons. It had to do with NPR. I thought: they’re only interested in Mormons so they can find some new way to talk about American racism.


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    • Does Dreher respects Douglas Murray? I mean, the only thing I care about TAC is their anti war stance, and, for what I know, Murray is pretty much a neocon all the way. Well, I guess that is what happens when you think that porn, a stupid gang such as antifa and a bunch of losers in universities are a bigger threat than the militar industrial complex.

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