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The Same Hymn-Sheet in the Same Prison Chapel

By Troy Southgate

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The majority of people on the Right and Left of the political spectrum have an equally distorted idea of what is actually taking place in the world. Although this applies to most countries, allow me to use the example of Portugal. In the mid-1970s the Portuguese Left had a plastic ‘revolution’ that removed the old Salazarist regime and essentially sold the country to the gathering vultures of international finance. At present, we have a governmental coalition that is comprised of the majority Socialist Party (Centre Left), Communist Party (Stalinist), Left Bloc (Trotskyist) and Green Party. The latter enjoys a deeply incestuous relationship with the Communists. Needless to say, capitalism has not been vanquished, poverty and homelessness still exist and the banks and corporations still rule the roost from behind the scenes.

Visits to prison | Netherhall House

Whilst the assembled ranks of the Portuguese Left is seeking to exaggerate the rise of ‘fascism’ – see today’s Guardian for a perfect example of how non-existent issues are being deliberately stirred-up within Portugal – this deceitful strategy is designed to (a) mobilise potential supporters, (b) earn a bit of free advertising, and (c) secure more funding from the sinister agencies that are really pulling their strings. In that respect, SOS Racismo spokesman Mamadou Ba is no different to the controlled opposition that one finds in Antifa. The upshot of all this, meanwhile, is that none of this activity will advance the Left-wing agenda in any significant way and by that I mean they have no chance of getting their grimy paws on the financial infrastructure that presently dominates the world. Similarly, whenever the Portuguese Left starts whining about the mythical threat of ‘fascism’ the Portuguese Right – as miniscule as it is – responds by staging small demonstrations down in Lisbon or sending death-threats to the people concerned (or so we are led to believe). One side is out to increase its membership and fill its pockets, whilst the other has become a disaffected rump with absolutely no idea of how to proceed and yet harbouring many legitimate concerns.

On the face of it, one might imagine that the Left and Right of Portuguese politics are fighting to control the destiny of the nation. In reality, it is similar to a teacher in the playground who – sick to death of the rowdy behaviour of two spoilt brats – simply turns a blind eye and allows them to beat the living daylights out of one another. However, when I said that both Left and Right have a skewed interpretation of politics I was not merely inferring that the respective hatred that either side directs towards its perceived adversaries is the end of the matter. The most dangerous thing of all, and something which has completely sunk beneath the radar of the country’s political consciousness, such as it is, is the fact that the Left is being allowed to provoke its opponents in the hope that it will lead to a Right-wing revival.

Although there is much talk about the threat of the Left itself, its supporters are being used to facilitate a backlash that will take the spotlight away from the corruption of the Centre and see two equally-matched sides go toe-to-toe in the way that they are on the streets of America. At the same time, the globalists can ensure that the divide-and-rule one finds on the other side of the Atlantic spreads to the extent that every European nation is placed on the same footing as America itself. The Left needs the Right; the Right needs the Left; centrist governments need both; and the forces of international finance need a uniform climate in which all nations become identical choirs and sing from the same hymn-sheet in the same prison chapel.

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