Does Tyrannicide solve David Friedman’s hard problem? Crypto currency with Jim Bell

The Mindcrime Libertyshow interviews the somewhat infamous, depending on one’s worldview, Jim Bell the creator of AP politics. Now, of course, the show doesn’t endorse or advocating killing anyone but the state itself if you take the empirical work of RJ Hummel seriously has assassinated a huge number of people. Would this system lead to the French revolution committee of public safety scenario with the execution of anyone and everyone? We discuss Bob Murphy’s objection in his article entitled the politics of destruction. Would it be better or no different than the current system? As intellectuals ranging from Noam Chomsky to Hans Hoppe would say: “If the Nuremberg Laws were applied, every postwar president would have been hanged” -Noam Chomsky .”If measured by the standards of natural law and justice, all politicians, of all parties and virtually without any exception, are guilty, whether directly or indirectly, of murder, homicide, trespass, invasion, expropriation, theft, fraud, and the fencing of stolen goods on a massive and ongoing scale. And every new generation of politicians and parties appears to be worse, and piles even more atrocities and perversions on top of the already existing mountain, so that one feels almost nostalgic about the past. They all should be hung, or put in jail to rot, or set to making compensation.”-Hans Hoppe Again the Mindcrime liberty show does not advocate the killing of anyone but currently the state is the number one killer and kidnapper in all likelihood or is it? Politics of destruction.… Bell’s work. Overview of Hummel’s empirical work entitled death by government.…

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  1. The guy’s name is R.J. Rummel.
    I read once, cannot find it in this article, that Rummel tended to not include in “democide” figures deaths due to wars.
    To me, this makes no sense, because I don’t believe that most wars are actually motivated by one population wanting to attack another population. Usually, it’s governments attacking each other government.

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